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  • The fine furniture finish of your cabinetry is designed to withstand daily use. We use a durable catalyzed or conversion lacquer finish for durability and protection. Dust with a soft dry or damp cloth (immediately wipe dry). Use a light coat of furniture polish as needed (once or twice a year, after cleaning cabinetry). 
  • Do not use wax, bleach, soap pads, vinegar-based cleaners, steel wool or other harsh abrasive materials/cleaners on your cabinetry or furniture. Use coasters, cosmetic trays or saucers beneath drinks, potted plants, or anything that contains liquids. Left standing, liquids can cause white circles in your finish and if left for long periods can cause the finish to lift from the wood.
  • Direct sunlight can damage your furniture. Steady, prolonged exposure can cause fading or create hairline cracks. Therefore, keep your furniture away from open windows or heating and air conditioning sources. Use your blinds, or shutters to keep constant direct sunlight exposure from your cabinetry that is built-in.  Close proximity to these sources can also adversely affect the moisture content of your wood. The prudent use of a humidifier during dry times can help to maintain the moisture content of your furniture.
  • Do not allow synthetics, rubber, or plastics to rest on your wood finish for prolonged periods of time as they might contain chemicals that can damage the finish. Oils may also cause your finish to deteriorate.
  • For wood desk tops, we recommend a writing pad or a glass surface for the entire surface or at least in the writing/sitting area for protection of your wood surface. While all our surfaces use a catalyzed or conversion lacquer finish or equivalent water-based top coat, it is not as hard as a solid surface, stone or granite surface – remember even metal scratches. While fabric tablecloths and cork-backed place mats tend to be finish friendly, remember your wood tops likes to breathe and guests can sometimes spill beverages which may seep through a mat without your knowing. Therefore, enjoy the natural beauty of your wood furniture and let the wood breathe.
  • Take care not to overload your curio or china glass shelves. When placing heavy or numerous items on a single shelf consider appropriate weight distribution.

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