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Our factory installers are experienced in carpentry and/or cabinetmaking/furnituremaking to ensure a smooth installation. They have at least a minimum 5 years experience but normally average over 10 years. We don’t use day laborers to install our cabinetry. Installers are troubleshooters and need to be creative and able to cope with on-the-spot issues. With hundreds of installations under their belts, we believe it is important to use only experienced, properly trained team members for your installation. 

You will receive a call from customer service to schedule and confirm your delivery date 5 days prior to its completion.

Due to the special installation of custom built furniture, we are sorry that we cannot give you an exact time frame or a set time for your delivery at the beginning of the project. We however do provide you with an estimated delivery and installation week to assist you in your planning based on our current workload.  All of our deliveries are from 8am to 11am unless otherwise arranged, Monday through Friday. Saturdays are extra.

Our delivery team can call you before they reach your house to give you up to one hour to meet them, so providing phone numbers where you can be reached is beneficial to you and to us.

We ask that the area be cleared and ready for the setup of your new furniture or cabinetry. We are not allowed to move any furniture, televisions, computers, etc.


 We are a licensed California corporation and all our employees insured with workman’s compensation.  For your safety and per our terms of our insurance, homeowners are not permitted in the installation/work space while we are installing.  We want to protect our staff and your health and safety and prevent accidents and injuries. Safety is of the utmost importance and getting the job finished as cleanly, smoothly and efficiently as possible. We want to maintain a safe working environment everywhere we work. 

While we respect your residence and you as a homeowner, we want to protect your health and safety as well as prevent accidents and injuries not only to you but our staff. We do not want, for instance, unsecured cabinetry near customers where they could be unintentionally knocked over, mechanical mishaps, or accidental tool failures to injure anyone. When our staff is installing please refrain from entering the installation area -- we encourage you to observe from a safe distance. If this area is entered or they installers determine there is a risk of injury to anyone, they are instructed to stop work immediately. This will cause delays to installation or postpone it, but is in the interest of everyone’s safety. We understand curiosity and interest in the craftsmanship and skill that put into your installation but safety is our utmost concern to our employees and our clients. We want to maintain an excellent track record of safety.


  • Walls must be straight and sheet rock in place before we can perform work in your space. 
  • When installing the cabinetry, the room/area must be cleared and accessible prior to the installer arriving. 
  • Remove wall hangings and furnishings in the surrounding area where the work will take place. 
  • Please be aware that there will be noise and power tools used and brought into the house when installing the cabinetry. 
  • We will make every effort to contain dust to the work area, but it will inevitably spread to other areas of your home. We apologize for the inconvenience but trust it will be worth it once the project is finished.
  • For safety reasons, please keep children and pets out of the work area.
  • If a pre-existing or hidden condition is encountered during the installation, which will hinder your job, our installers will inform you of the situation and determine whether this issue needs to be fixed before the installation continues.  If additional charges apply, you will be informed of the costs and additional time needed. Upon your approval of the additional costs or after this situation is corrected, we will continue work.


All of the cabinets are manufactured and finished at our factory off-site, installations therefore take from one to just a few days. We try to minimize the amount of cutting, sanding, or other messy construction going on in your home. Depending on complexity, size and accessories, installations take on average as follows:

  • Entertainment Centers: 1-2 days
  • Mantel: 1
  • Mantel Surrounds 1-2 days
  • Kitchens: 3-7 days
  • Home office/Library: 1-2 days
  • Garages: 1 day
  • Closets: 1 day
  • Walk-in Closets: 1-2 days
  • Niche: 1 day
  • Bars: 1-2 days
  • Wine Cabinet (not cellars or rooms): 1 day

Please plan on at least a full day of installation.  NOTE—Installers do not make their schedules and are not responsible for setting up times or dates for the installation and delivery. All scheduling is handled by the office. Installations start usually in the morning between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.  This is a best estimate, however, unforeseen structural, electrical and/or plumbing issues that may arise after existing cabinetry is removed or not existing prior to installation may add more time to the installation. The installers want to complete a job in a timely manner but if they need extra time to do the job correctly then this may exceed the provided time estimate. 


Deliveries may be at the same time as installation or on a different day depending on scheduling and project size.  Deliveries are done usually in a 3 hour delivery window between 8 a.m. and 11a.m.  We will call you 5 days prior to schedule a time for delivery and installation.  We strive to meet the approximate delivery date on your order, and although it is rare, due to some circumstances with custom built furniture and cabinetry, we may have to reschedule this date.  If your order needs to be rescheduled, we will call you and explain the circumstances and reschedule your delivery for a time convenient for you.


 The work area must be cleared and empty before we arrive or your installation. We do not disconnect, reconnect, move, or hook up any components, televisions, appliances, computers or electronics. Extra charges for delay and rescheduling of the install can occur if the area is not clear. We are not insured nor responsible for moving your personal property. 


Our installers are not insured, licensed or permitted to handle jobs outside of installing your cabinetry including plumbing, or electrical work during company installation time – please do not put them in an awkward position by asking them to do outside work or yourself at risk. Please make arrangement prior to the start of the project for a referral or to coordinate. We assume no liability or any responsibility for any non-cabinet related work that is requested by the customer.  If something happens outside the scope of our work, CFM takes no responsibility and is not liable in any way.


Please recognize that walls, floors, ceilings and niches/openings/alcoves are not perfectly square, plum or even. This can cause issues with gapping and evenness where moulding meets the ceiling depending on what type of cabinetry you choose. Walls out-of-square/not plum may necessitate/require scribe, fillers or other types of moldings and/or chaulking be used to conceal gaps. 


Upon completion of the project, the installer will do a final review and conduct a walk through with you to ensure your satisfaction. If you have issues that need to be addressed prior to the completion of the installation, please contact the project manager instead of speaking directly to the installer. Installers will complete the job as instructed by the factory and per the final approved drawings and are not allowed to make changes to a job without factory authorization. 


Even when the greatest care is taken, it is normal for scratches, nicks and dents to occur during the installation process. These common mishaps can be easily corrected using available stain and touch-up materials. Touch-up will ensure that your cabinets look its best for years to come. With all paid cabinet installations, we provide a standard touch-up immediately after installation. Please be sure to be present to check your cabinetry at the end of the installation to inspect your cabinetry. Touch-ups, adjustments or service calls are handled separately from the installation. The office can call you to schedule this or feel free to call us. Please be aware if you are not present and request an additional trips/visit for adjustments or there may be additional fees.

Keep in mind, sometimes the mishaps occur during installation, sometimes afterwards. There are times even when the kitchen or cabinetry is delivered and installed smoothly, but something happens beyond our control. Here are some instances: when the granite countertops are installed, they scratch a few drawers, or perhaps a contractor installs the cabinets and does not fill the nail holes in the crown moulding or scratches a cabinet door, or during the installation of the appliances there’s some damage, these situations are where a professional touch-up session may be invaluable. We do provide a professional touch-up service for our cabinetry (estimates vary depending on the level and amount of touch-up required). Otherwise, we can provide you with a small amount of stain for your touch-up.  


The fine furniture finish of your cabinetry is designed to withstand daily use. We use a durable catalyzed lacquer finish for durability and protection. Dust with a soft dry or damp cloth (immediately wipe dry). Use a light coat of furniture polish as needed (once or twice a year, after cleaning cabinetry). Do not use wax, bleach, soap pads, vinegar-based cleaners, steel wool or other harsh abrasive materials/cleaners on your cabinetry. 



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